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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I visited my friend Audun Sørbotten today to have dinner and check out his new Pavoni lever machine. I got to brew my own shot with it, and that was quite interesting. Since it's not powered by a spring, the brewing process is very hands on to say the least. Fun! and we got some great espresso out of it.

I'm real happy with the lens that I used to take those pictures, a Sigma 28mm f1.8 EX DG (which translates to 45mm on a 1.6 crop camera like my 300D). I was actullay going to sell it. Had an ad for it in a forum and everything, but then I realized how sharp it is and how it is nearly a macro lens if need be, so I closed the ad. Since it is an f1.8 lens, it also allows available light pictures that just isn't possible with for instance the lens that comes with the Rebel, the 18-55 f3.5-5.6. Well, enough of the photogeek-talk :).

Take care all.

3/30/2006 10:18:00 PM  

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