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Monday, August 09, 2004

Well, the Imex Cr-100 is in da house and has been through its two first roasts.

First impressions:

- quite noisy so it is very hard to hear the cracks. The thick transparent glass lid also muffles the sound of beans cracking. A popper is a better learning tool in that respect. With this one you've got to judge roast degree with just smell and look. The bigger batch size (minimum 140-150g) also makes "experiments" more expensive for the beginner.

- high quality build, feels solid
- big batch size : 150-180 grams
- roasts evenly
- collects chaff
- slightly less smoke than a popper
- automated cooling cycle
- longer roasts, roasts through a combination of hot air and contact with hot metal surfaces.

I got 300g green beans with the popper, some sumatra mandheling. This was quickly used for the first two experiments. The first roast was pretty dark, a full city +, when I aimed for a drip roast. First crack was audible, but I couldn't hear the transition to second. Since it had taken some time to get to first (compared to a popper) I didn't think I had already reached second. Add to this the slighly slower and warmer 5 minute cooling process (surfaces are still hot while the fan blows cool air to cool the beans), and the finished product was a bit on the dark side, but smelled and looked very nice. I guess I'll try that one as espresso.

Next attempt was more successfull in getting a drip roast. Similar in roast degree to the "kilimanjaro" coffee I buy from Stockfleths. Nice body, rich, surprisingly so to be that light a roast.

8/09/2004 10:28:00 PM  

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