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Thursday, July 15, 2004

I haven't been roasting much lately since I've had so much preroasted coffee laying around from the trip to Italy. Most of it has been rubbish so I now I don't have much left :).

Last night I fired up the modified popper and did some roasting, quickly filling my kitchen with smoke and chaff and making the passing neighbours curious to what I was doing. I actually have a neighbour who works for "the norwegian coffee association". She asked me some months ago if I was roasting at home. She had noticed the nice smell :)

I had just received some "Mysore special" robusta from Sigurd (Stavanger kaffebrenneri), so I figured I should aim for an espresso blend with a costa rica as base, some robusta (10-15%) and ethiopia sidamo and guatemala il injerto to add some interesting notes. I am not sure if the costa rican will work as a base, but it was the only thing I could think of at the moment. I have some brazil cachoeira, but I have not been happy about that one earlier.

The kitchen smells lovely from the degassing coffee. I am fighting the urge to try them right away. Maybe I'll try a shot tonight after 24hrs degassing. I guess it would be best to wait another day, but it is hard :).

Btw, I bought a soda siphon last weekend to make "on demand mineral water". It basically works like this: fill with water, attach top, insert CO2 clip into a cap, attach the cap to the top part and turn it until the CO2 gas is released and is forced into the water. You then shake it violently to mix it well with the water. Cool gadget.

If you live in Oslo you can pick one up at 25% off in the "Glassmagasinet" store. Normal price is 599 kroner. Go to the kitchen gear department in the cellar and then turn left and walk into the adjoining section. They have the siphons displayed at the top of the shelf behind the counter.

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