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Monday, June 21, 2004

Sorry for not posting sooner. I couldn't locate a pc with internet access anywhere at the exhibition, and the only internet cafe in Trieste was closed. It opened some hours ago and here I am typing away with the clock ticking :). I have taken a lot of pictures, but I won't be able to post them before I get home to Norway next friday. I hope they will have PCs with internet access in Seattle next year. That would be very beneficial since people could easily write about the event and spread the word.

WBC has been a blast. I've met so may nice people during the last days, and some of them are regular readers of this blog. When I introduced myself to Bronwen Serna and Phuoung they told me that they like my blog a lot and read it often. I felt really happy about that. I also got to talk to Jeoren from Holland, Ron Cook from La Marzocco (he showed us the swift grinder and made a couple of excellent shots with it) and many more. I have to say that Bronwen and Phuong really impressed me with their positive attitude and friendliness. It was so nice to meet you.

This years championship was a huge event with a lot of people working to make it all possible. I think the conference center where it was held was very nice (and airconditioned!). They had nice facilities, a cafe, exhibition room and a large room for the competition itself. The Musetti booth with Luigi Lupi was the most popular. People (including us!) would line up in the morning to get the first cappuccino of the day. Luigi is so impressive. His latte art is just amazing and so consistent. I especially like his hearts.

Another very popular booth was the one that had a slovenian model as hostess. She had a very impressive physique...nuff said :)

One of the highlights was to visit one of the illy concept bars together with craig from zoka, bronwen, audun and Bernt. We got some very nice shots and got to taste some of the gelato Bronwen bought. She is just crazy about gelato!

Last night the three of us was invited to the Solberg-Hansen dinner to celebrate Tim Wendelboe's victory. It was a ton of fun with a lot of speeches, cheering and tears. I got a really good impression of the company. They are a tight group who really care about each other. I believe it is a very nice place to work.

I was of course really, really happy to see Tim win the gold. No one deserves it more than him. After all the stress, preparation and tension the last months he could finally relax and celebrate his victory. I don't think he got up early this morning :).

I have some quick notes about the finals:

Sammy Piccolo, Canada.
Finished 1 minute and 30 secs prior to the 15 minute limit. Very nice presentation. He did his cappas first, then the espressi and last his signature drink called "inscieme" (i hope that is the correct spelling, the word means "together" in english).

Klaus Poulsen, Denmark
His signature drink was called "Shaken copenhagen". It consisted of honey, espresso, swiss mint and some polynesian syrup. I think he was very polished and did a great run. The danish fans was really cheering for him.

Njáll Björgvisson, Iceland
Niels was nervous but demonstrated that he could perform well under pressure. He made a cold signature drink called "TLC" (Tequila, Lime, Coffee). The tequila ingredient was of course non alcoholic in according to the rules. He had boiled away the alcohol and made a tequila sorbet. It looked very nice.

Joseph El Khoury, Lebanon
Head barista for Casper & Gambinis for 5 years. Huge and loud crowd cheering for him. He did the best latte art of all the competitors in the final. I didn't quite understand his signature drink, but I do remember that it included of a banana that he had brought with him from Lebanon! :) Nice sketching on it too.

Carl Sara, New Zealand
He was in a really good mood and did a seemingly nice presentation. I liked his speciality drink which had kiwi in it. He even had a brochure that was handed out during the competition.

Tim Wendelboe, Norway
Tim was very nervous but delivered. I am so impressed. His signature drink of liquid tiramisu was later rewarded with a prize for best signature drink in the competition. I was also happy to see that his espressi was working out for him. The italian water seemingly made it better.

Tomorrow we leave for Firenze where we will hook up with Eirik S. Johnsen from Stockfleth's. He will try to arrange a visit to La Marzocco for us.

I have more to write about, but that will have to wait.

6/21/2004 11:57:00 AM  

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