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Saturday, June 26, 2004

I'm back in Norway. Arrived late last night and have just been relaxing all day, filling the empty fridge with groceries, unpacking etc. I have a web gallery from the competition and the la marzocco visit ready for upload, but I have no web space left on my account. A friend of mine has some space for me on his server, but I need a username and password to do that. Still waiting for a reply to my e-mail. Will post the pictures as soon as possible.

The flight back home was fine, but we didn't get all the baggage when we arrived in Oslo. Alitalia didn't manage to get the baggage transferred to our connecting Air France flight in time. Just got my backpack delivered some hours ago by car. It smells heavily of coffee after the bag of "Oke coffee" has degassed for hours in it. Some of the other coffee bags (with one-way valve) are totally vacummed after the flight. They look and feel like the bricks of vacuum packed preground coffee that is available everyhwere. Probably because of pressure changes in the cabin and luggage compartment. I certainly hope that won't effect the storage of the beans in any way. I sure won't be able to plough through all that coffee in anything less than 2-3 months.

Norway feels very quiet, clean and cool after having spent almost two weeks with 25 degrees celsius, high air moisture and heavy italian traffic. To be honest, it felt wonderful to be home again. Italy has wonderful qualities, the food, wine, coffee, historic sights etc, but it is very stressfull to stay in the big cities. The italian contempt for "stupid turists" is also something that I don't like much. They don't know much about being serviceminded. Still, it was probably one of the best vacations I've ever had. I loved travelling with Bernt and Audun, and meeting lots of new people. Maybe I'll return next year to take a 2-4 week course in italian. We'll see.

Not much written yet about the WBC. I think the official site is pretty sad stuff. It is seldom updated. Looking forward to Phoung's report on coffeegeek. I know she has taken a lot of pictures.

6/26/2004 07:01:00 PM  

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