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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I did some heart surgery on my IXO Euro2000 Junior today. The patient is doing fine, now sporting a pressurestat that operates in a narrower range (1.0-1.2 instead of 0.95-1.25 bar). Why is this a good thing? because I believe it could improve my shots somewhat. It can't be good to have a shot that starts out at 0.95 bar and then climbs to 1.25 during the pull? Still, I'm not completely sure if it will make a difference. A fellow Euro2000 Junior owner ("Eddie") did some measurements some time ago and wrote in a news post that he believed it didn't affect the temp that much. May be due to the huge, stabilizing E-61 group. Well, I'll do my own experiments (i.e pour various espressi down my eager throat) and see if it is an improvement or not.

Still not been able to upload my non-coffee related pictures from Italy. I've gotten some web space from, but there is something wrong with the ftp access. Same goes with another option. Finally, my e-mail times out when I try to mail the files to Anders Gulden Olstad for storage on his web space. Seems like it isn't supposed to happen :)

6/29/2004 07:38:00 PM  

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