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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Stopped by Mocca coffeebar and roastery after work today. It is situated some blocks north of the castle in the Briskeby/Frogner area. Sort of awkward to get to from where I work, but is well worth the hassle of navigating the afternoon rush. Joar, one of the roast masters, was there and we had a nice chat about their coffees and blends, as well as the upcoming norwegian barista championship. He's a really nice guy and both a great barista and roast master. He told me that Martin from Mocca will be going after all. He didn't qualify through the local oslo qualifying rounds, but he had a score that gave him a slot when scores from all the local rounds were compared. He got 3rd place in the nationals last year so I think he will do well this year too.

Mocca is a really cool place to hang out when you're an enthusiast like me . They serve excellent coffee and the beans and blends are very, very nice and fresh. I really like that they sell single origin espresso. Joar recommended a single origin kenya and that I should try their new espresso blend which has been developed to be a bit stronger and deeper than their standard crescendo and forte blends. The Kenya had been roasted today and the espresso blend yesterday. Fresh coffee! I really look forward to trying them after work tomorrow.

I've never seen pictures from Mocca online, don't know why. I'll bring my camera next time.

2/26/2004 11:23:00 PM  

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