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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Long workdays lately and I am stuck with watery coffee at the office, but I don't care since my colleagues are so nice and the work is ok as well. Not much energy to make coffee when I get home either. Next week is a project deadline so I am going to bring my espresso gear to work and open a small coffee bar in the office just for a day. I think it will be fun and that the project will benefit from some coffee and cake to mark the occasion. A colleague will drive my gear to and from work. The floor I am on doesn't have a sink or any running water so I will have to improvise, but I am sure all will be good.

Since I am at work all the time I've begun buying the occasional espresso from the coffee bar across the street from where I work. It is part of the Kaffebrenneriet chain. They've standardized most of their stuff so you can expect to get the same drinks, services, cups etc etc. at all their occasions. Standardization can often be bad, but in this case it is good. They serve very nice coffee drinks and the service is good too. Kaffebrenneriet was the first seattle style coffee bar chain in Norway, and their branch in Theresesgate here in Oslo was one of the first coffee bars in Norway. It is great to be able to buy an espresso in a matter of minutes, but I miss being able to make my own while at work. I've thought about having my gear permanently at work, but then again I like being able to separate work and personal life, and espresso making is definitely a hobby and way to relax. I have to admit that I am a bit wary of leaving my espresso without supervision at work too.

Next week is the Oslo qualifying rounds for the national barista championship. Looking forward to it!

2/04/2004 04:10:00 PM  

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