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Thursday, November 20, 2003

I mentioned something about amazing personal news. Well, the news is that after a long period as unemployed, I am now going to work as a web designer / web developer for a norwegian consulting firm. I got the fantastic news last week and have been smiling ever since. Monday 24th is my first workday and I am really looking forward to it.

Ah, finally I'll be able to realize my wild coffee fantasies and buy everything I want. Muahahaha. Hm, but I have what I want already, doh! My IXO Euro2000 Junior is working perfectly and so is the Rocky doserless. I have been trying to justify investing in a Mazzer Mini, but I don't see a reason to, and to be honest I don't really like the grind adjustment and dosing lever on it. What I will buy is the I-Roast if it proves to be a good roaster.

11/20/2003 12:50:00 PM  

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