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Thursday, October 30, 2003

I had some amazing double shots at the Stockfleths espresso bar (at Tinghuset) here in Oslo today. They're using a blend made by barista Tim Wendelboe. He's constantly working on it so I can taste differences from time to time. This time it seemed kind of milder, very nice. I am also puzzled by the volume of espresso they produce in the cup. I've tried the same beans at home and can never get the beautiful shots that they do. I have a theory that it is a matter of finding the right brewing temperature. I have heard Tim mention that this coffee likes a low brewing temperature even though it is a light espresso roast, and that normally means higher brew temp. They've certainly figured out the correct temp in the bar and adjusted the LM for it. Every single barista there makes great espresso. I really like visiting the Stockfleths bars, especially when I get to chat to Tim, Eirik and some of the other baristi. They're really nice people. I walked out of there today filled with new energy and a smile on my face.

Btw, I went down to Temperato the other day and got Alexander to try the popper-classica. It was probably roasted a bit to dark because it didn't taste like the original, it had some dark roast characteristics, no doubt about it. I will have to try to roast it lighter. It still was a nice espresso, but I do think Alexander has a point about the roast method being more brutal and direct, and that it will inevitably have an effect on the end result. The Ottolina Classica blend is really sensitive and is roasted by the utmost care in Milano by Carlo P. and the other Ottolina guys working in the roastery. Alexander told me that he had tried an ever so slightly darker variant of the classica blend the last time he was in milano, and that it had a nice effect without losing the fruitiness and delicacy of the original. Not like mine which transformed it too much. I will like I said try to roast it a bit lighter, but to be honest I don't think it will be the same when I roast it in the popper. What I will do however is work more on my own blends which I think have worked out great, especially my cappuccino blends. I think I have to realize that it is a matter of finding the type of coffees that do well in the popper too, that respond well or good enough to that type of roasting.

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