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Sunday, August 10, 2003

My popper finally arrived a couple of days ago. Up until now I've been using a borrowed Alpenrost drum roaster, so popper roasting is pretty new to me. I've been reading a lot about it lately so I sort of knew what to expect.

I did my first batches right away, three drip coffees, a mocha-java blend, a java blawan estate single origin and a costa rica rayo del sol. Smoke wasn't so bad, but chaff was everyhwhere and falling like snow :). That was ok though, I just got the vacuumer after I was done.

The popper roasts pretty fast and I reached the start of second crack at about 4 minutes. The beans were then dumped into a colander shaken to cool. The costa rica was done a bit lighter than the others.

With a normal batch of something like 80-85 grams I have to stir the beans with a long spoon until at least first crack to assure an even roast. After first crack enough moisture have left the beans that they can move by themselves. From second crack and outwards things happen pretty fast and the smoke is pungent and visible. I didn't do more than a full city+ so smoke wasn't that bad. Opening the kitchen window was sufficient.

After the Java B had cooled i got my drip machine from the closet and made a cuppa joe. Delicious! Wonderful aroma and brightness.

Yesterday I did a couple of batches for espresso, an aged Sulawesi and a preblended Ottolina Maracaibo top. The first batch of Sulawesi had to be aborted as I used to many beans and thereby scorching some. The next try was successfull though and produced a nice even and shiny roast, without being to dark. The Maracaino top was done a bit lighter. I tried both today and they were surprisingly good. The sulawesi was a bit boring as espresso, but that was to be suspected since it is primarily a base for a blend. The M. top was great, definitely as good as what I would get from the alpenrost. The beans look more even in color as well.

I have ordered almost 7 kilos of green beans from Stavanger and will be experimenting with blends in the time to come.

Colombia, Manuela
Guatemala, Amate
Guatemala, Antigua
Costa Rica, Tarrazu
Costa Rica, Rayo del Sol
Sumatra, Mandheling
Brasil BSCA, Cachoeira
Mexico, Superior
Indian Robusta

This is really fun and quite educational. I will definitely try each bean as espresso on their own before blending, just to get to know them individually.

8/10/2003 07:18:00 PM  

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