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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Very interesting comment from Greg Scace on the current debate (on forums) on the LM double ridged basket (17-18 grams) vs. the LM style pf with triple basket (21 grams). He thinks the LM double shot is shorter, sweeter and less prone to channeling. This is when shot cut off is judged on color and viscosity.

He also writes that in general the triple basket will produce a larger shot volume with generally the same taste. Sounds cool to me. I would very much like to try one out if I get the chance. Right now I am using the ridged LM double with the Rancilio commercial portafilter.

I went to Java espresso bar here in Oslo today. Their espresso is just excellent. I've never had better. Super rich and sweet and quite a large volume. Must be something like 1.5-1.75 oz. I wonder if they use a triple basket or something like that. Don't misunderstand me - this is one of the best coffee bars I've ever visited and they are very serious about their craft and blend (their boss is 2000 WBC champ Robert Thoresen), so this could definitely be a product of their superior skills, but I wonder if it is helped somewhat by a larger volume basket. I will try to remember to ask them next time I'm there.

Personally I would not hesitate to use a larger basket if the shots were better and more consistent. I don't think it is fruitful to pursue the rules of 7g/14g relentlessly like some people do. On the other hand it is an interesting challenge to do good shots with smaller baskets :). Just look at the guys struggling with single espresso baskets. At least I think they are having fun? ;)

6/26/2003 08:21:00 PM  

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