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Sunday, May 11, 2003

My latte art has been variable for some time and it has sort of been bugging me. I have however tried to accept the fact that consistency and mastery comes through training, and since I'm only making a cuple of cappas a day, it will take some time :).

Normally I will use a 3dl pitcher for my cappuccino. The small size of the pitcher makes the rolling action quite good and most of the time my milk is spot on. I'm quite used to it now, but I do find that the larger 6 dl pitcher (for 2 cappuccini) makes it slightly easier to do a successfull pour. The momentum of the larger volume of milk seems to aid the development of the pattern.

This morning, after making my usual 3dl-pitcher-cappa I proceeded to make two single cappas with the 6 dl pitcher. Look at the picture. The one on the left is the first I poured. See how it is slightly more diffuse? and how the one to the right has more contrast? I think this is due to the milk at the top of the pitcher is slightly thicker. If you do a large pitcher of milk to pour latte art with, it may be a good idea to pour some of the milk in the sink to get rid of the slightly thicker stuff. This is definitely the case if you let the milk sit a bit before pouring. I do however recommend not letting it sit! brew the espresso first and then steam milk. It is also beneficial to swirl the milk some times and bang the pitcher, even if the milk looks perfect. Most of the time it will get even better after doing this.

My two cappas were by no means perfect, but I am quite happy with the one on the right.

5/11/2003 01:34:00 PM  

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